Project Management - Outdoors Great Southern

Project Management


We help local governments, community groups and businesses to implement tourism, outdoor recreation, trails, and community development projects. Our approach is integrative, holistic and effective, understanding projects as dynamic processes reliant on teamwork.  We assist you with:

  • Project plan development, including identifying key activities
  • Scheduling, budgeting and the allocation of specific tasks and resources
  • Project monitoring, risk management, communication and feedback to ensure that the project is implemented according to plan and where deviations exist, alternate plans and solutions are provided
  • Stakeholder consultation, customer surveys and data analysis
  • Community and stakeholder communication plans

Work Completed

  • Great Southern Regional Trails Master Plan (2019). Delivered on behalf of eleven local governments and three state government agencies, this plan will identify a coherent and clearly outlined program of trail infrastructure development across the Great Southern region over a ten-year period (2019-2029).