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Research Services


We provide the following social and economic research services:

  1. Undertaking Research – We can assist you to design, deliver and analyse quantitative research (statistical analysis, graphs, charts) and qualitative research (interviews, opinions). Our research toolbox includes:
    • Surveys
    • Interviews
    • Focus groups, round tables, and executive forums
    • “Blue sky” (brainstorming) sessions
    • Document analysis (in-depth review of articles, databases, websites, etc)
  2. Analysis and Interpretation – we can assist you to synthesize and analyse findings. Our services include:
    • Statistical analysis
    • Content and thematic analysis
    • Presentation of graphs and tables
    • Report writing

Work Completed

WA Trails Market Research Strategy (2021) The purpose of this Market Research Report was to provide Tourism Western Australia and the state’s five regional tourism organisations (RTOs) with an understanding of Western Australia’s existing proposition as a hiking and mountain biking (MTB) trail tourism destination. These insights will assist Tourism WA and the RTOs to develop effective marketing messages and campaigns to promote Western Australia as a trails destination. The aim is to attract dedicated trail visitors to WA for the purpose of hiking and/or mountain biking in order to achieve growth in numbers, yield and conversion. We were responsible undertaking a desktop review of existing market research and strategic policy documents, including a key competitor analysis; facilitating stakeholder workshops with key agencies, trail organisations and businesses; and preparing a strategy that included: (i) Market Research; (ii) Creating a list of internationally, nationally and regionally significant trails; (iii) Developing WA’s overarching trail proposition and USP’s for each of the state’s iconic hiking and MTB trails/trail networks. Client: Tourism WA Demonstrated Skill Sets: • Stakeholder Engagement • Market Research • Multi-criteria assessment • Market segmentation analysis