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Grant Applications


We provide the following grant application services:

  1. Grant Writing – competitive applications have well developed aims and objectives, a clear methodology, and detailed financial components that directly address the selection criterion. We assist with:
    • Budget development to ensure the project is compliant and competitive
    • Financial Modelling to support cost benefit analysis, sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis and detailed project and program budgeting
    • Impact Modelling to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the potential benefits achieved from the funding support provided
  2. Grant Management – effective grant management requires strategic alignment between your organisational objectives and the funding body’s priorities. We can assist you to:
    • Interpret application guidelines and selection criteria
    • Review draft applications
    • Liaise with partners
  3. Application Review and Feedback – sometimes an outsider’s perspective on a grant application can identify strengths and weaknesses and help to improve the competitiveness of the application. Our services include:
    • Reviewing the application against selection criteria and guidelines to ensure it is compliant and competitive
    • One-on-one feedback sessions to train staff and build grant writing capability within the organisation. Sessions include a review of the application, identification of strengths and weaknesses and a feedback session to discuss areas for improvement

Work Completed

  • Denmark Tourism Incorporated (DTI) – Regional Visitor Centre Sustainability Grant Program (2017). Development of a grant application submitted to Tourism Western Australia. Prepared the scope of works to develop a business model that would address the needs of a Local Tourism Organisation (LTO), including: (i) Management, staffing and administration; (ii) Products and services strategy; (ii) Role in Destination Marketing; (iv) Proposed Bookings Model; and (v) Organisational, financial and legal issues. The grant application was successful.