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Rosie Smith

Rosie Smith, Project Manager

Rosie arrived from the UK in 2001, and since moving to WA in 2008 has made it her mission to get out in the southwest as much as possible! She has an extensive background in both south coast-based environmental management and as an outdoor educator, in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. She also graduated as a high school science teacher in 2023, and is passionate about connecting people responsibly with our incredible southern region landscapes in a way which fosters curiosity and stewardship. Rosie has a broad skill set to draw on which includes that as a previous ecotourism business owner, farmer’s wife, volunteer coordinator, natural resource project manager, and environmental consultant.

Living in Denmark for over ten years now with her two children has been the backdrop to a catalogue of outdoor adventuring solo, with friends and family, and through work. Rosie has way too much energy for someone her age and loves to channel it into trail running, exploratory bushwalking and fastpacking, kayaking, camping, and the odd bit of mountain biking and bodyboarding to boot. There’s so many places to explore and so little time!


Project Manager