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WA Trail Development Series


The WA Trail Development Series contains four key parts. It is intended to assist groups developing a trail project to follow a standardised process, consider all issues and approvals and develop an approach to gather support from the local community and relevant government agencies.

Year 2019
Type PDF


  • Part A: A Guide to the Trail Development Process

    Handbook (PDF 1MB)

  • Part B: A Guide to Community Consultation

    Handbook (PDF 1MB)

  • Part C: A Guide to using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)

    Handbook (PDF 985KB)

  • Part D: Checklists and Templates

    All checklists/templates (PDF 621KB)

  • Detailed Design Template

    Template (Word doc)

  • Impact Evaluation Checklist

    Checklist (Word doc)

  • Trail Development Framework

    Framework (Word doc)