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Harewood Forest Walk Trail

Approximately 10km from Denmark along Scotsdale Rd lies the Harewood Forest Walk Trail, a short 1.2km stroll through the Karri Forest on a well maintained and clearly marked track.

You would be forgiven for missing this trail even as a local, as its small car park can easily be passed whilst travelling to one of the many wineries and restaurants Denmark is known for. But it really is a little gem. When you step out of the car and cross the steel footbridge over the creek, there is a small secluded picnic table to the east, and the trail heads west parallel to the running water.

Along the way, approximately every 50 – 100m or so, there are informative signs detailing the history of logging in Denmark. Making your way through the karri trees, it is clear to see the effect that this logging had in the area, as this is a regrowth forest that had originally been cleared over 100 years ago. Gone are the abundance of mighty karri trees that populate many of the surrounding areas, but mother nature is coming back strong, and the amount of greenery is amazing!

At the end of the trail is a small picnic table to sit and reflect in the ambience. There is a sign informing you that you have made it to the end and to turn and come back along the same path.

Before you do that, however, follow one of the smaller trails behind the sign and you will be treated to further beauty in the form of the banks of the creek where you can grab some great photos.

Heading back along the same path is mainly downhill, back to the car park. If you time it right you can finish your casual stroll with lunch at one of the local wineries!