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Outdoor Activities for Easter


If you’d like some ideas on how to celebrate your Easter outdoors at home, check out our ideas!

We’ve collected some safe, fun, outdoors activities to help you make your Easter special.


  • Have a Happy Outdoors Easter!

    We've collected a bunch of ideas for fun activities the whole family can take part in this Easter long weekend.

  • Make the Easter Bunny some ears!

    Use the template to create your own Easter bunny. Use leaves for ears and make him as bright and colourful as you can! Older kids might want to paint smooth rocks with a bright Easter theme.

  • Easter Egg Hunt

    Complete all these challenges around the house or garden, then give out Easter-themed prizes for each row completed! Please ask Mum or Dad to post your completed artwork on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/gscore.adventure) using the hashtag #kidsoutdoors.