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Point Possession Heritage Trail


The Point Possession Heritage Trail is a perfect trifecta of bush, beach and granite. A family friendly 5km tadpole loop trail that provides walkers with some of the best vantage points in Albany along with a history education via interpretive signage that shares information on early European explorations from as far back as 1627.

The trail begins taking walkers through dense wildflower filled woodlands  along a softish sand trail, along cliff tops high above Whalers Cove, before coming out to an open granite outcrop providing some of the most breathtaking views of King George Sound, the Vancouver Peninsula, Mount Clarence, Mount Adelaide, Mount Melville, Port of Albany and the quaint town of Albany itself. This granite outcrop provides real insight into the loop section that lies ahead with the rather odd shaped area of land jutting out into the sea, often referred to as a tombolo, or bar of sand joining the once island of Point Possession to the mainland.

Continuing on, the trail dives down along both Inner & Outer Brambles Beach, where you walk along the squeaky soft white sand watching out for whales in season. Depending on which section of beach you make your way to the point, you will find either some wooden steps leading up over the granite hill or a sheer ascent over smooth granite marked with pegs, both of which take you up to the furthest point of Point Possession, where Captain George Vancouver declared ownership of all of Western Australia on behalf of Great Britain. Enjoy the spectacular views and explore the area’s historical significance.