Rebrand reflects renewed focus on active, outdoor recreation for the Great Southern


Rebrand reflects renewed focus on active, outdoor recreation for the Great Southern

Great Southern Centre for Outdoor Recreation Excellence (GSCORE) is now known as Outdoors Great Southern, reflecting a decision to focus attention on creating more opportunities in outdoor recreation for the Great Southern community.

Outdoors Great Southern Director Dr Lenore Lyons said the renaming was a strategic choice to better reflect the organisation’s direction.

“We are still the same team but we have redoubled our efforts to be very clear on what we can offer the Great Southern community,” said Dr Lyons.

“Our purpose is to improve capacity and opportunity for everyone in the Great Southern – whether they are residents or visitors – to participate in active, outdoor recreation. If we can get more people in the region enjoying the outdoors safely, sustainably and responsibly, we will know we have achieved our collective vision.”

The refocus and rebrand is very much the result of collaboration within the Outdoors Great Southern team, Dr Lyons said.

“Our Board of Directors worked directly with our five regular staff members and the whole team has shown enthusiasm for the opportunity to get specific about what we can do to achieve our goals for the region.”

Dr Lyons said the team would work collaboratively with State and Local Government, as well as community groups and individuals to promote and support outdoor recreation.

Across the Great Southern, the team will deliver three community-based activity programs:

  • Children’s outdoor recreation club;
  • Skills development workshops for hiking, mountain biking, and paddling; and
  • Volunteer trail maintenance.

The newly rebranded outdoor recreation organisation is now seeking volunteers to take part in a trail maintenance program, slated to start in July 2021.

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