Outdoors Great Southern Calls for Volunteer Trail Stewards - Outdoors Great Southern

Outdoors Great Southern Calls for Volunteer Trail Stewards


Caption: DBCA staff with prototype adjustable steps on the Bald Head Trail.

Outdoors Great Southern Calls for Volunteer Trail Stewards

The region’s premier outdoor recreation advocacy group is seeking volunteers to take part in a trail maintenance program, slated to start in July 2021.

Outdoors Great Southern, formerly known as GSCORE, has plans to recruit a team of volunteers keen to develop a closer connection with the local environment by taking on a stewardship role.

Outdoors Great Southern Trails Coordinator Karl Hansom said the program would initially focus on the Bald Head Trail and other sites identified by the City of Albany.

“We’d like to inspire community stewardship of some of the trails identified in the Great Southern Regional Trails Master Plan,” Mr Hansom said.

“Volunteers - to be called Great Southern Trail Carers - will undertake a range of tasks, including pruning, simple drainage works, light repairs to trail infrastructure and assessing further trail maintenance needs.”

Volunteers would need to be reasonably fit, Mr Hansom said.

“We want people who can walk out to sites on the Bald Head Trail, before commencing work there. Transport can be provided.

“This stewardship role will suit anyone with an interest in the outdoors, from an active retiree to a young person seeking to reconnect with nature.”

Mr Hansom said it was hoped the program would increase community awareness of the importance of the local trail network, while providing a range of personal benefits to volunteers.

“Volunteering for this program is a great way to get outdoors in nature, to learn new skills, and to form new social connections with people who share your interests. Just spending time in nature can bring mental health benefits at the same time as improving your physical activity levels.

“We’re really looking forward to meeting the new Trails Carers,” Mr Hansom said.

For more information, please email Mr Hansom on a Monday or Tuesday via trails@gscore.com.au or call 0427 533 132 anytime.